Dava Brand

Bowls from Dava Smoke.

Dava Brand Twinkle. New Form, new sensations!

1. A bowl of classic shape, the most universal for all tobaccos and all types of filling, the most important factor is the preservation and return of heat.

2. The same cups are designed for collecting throughout the fall. Dava Brand cups will be sold in the color “Falling Orange”, which is the color of autumn, in winter the color will change to “Frozen Blue”, which is the color associated with winter, cold. Spring and brand color will be “First Green” all season First buds and green leaves, and freshness. But in the summer the color will be “Red Hell”

3.Individual packing CUP. Cups are a tricky solution and perhaps the best thing about individually wrapping Twinkle cups. While the glasses are red with a white lid. But soon the cups will become interesting with an exclusive design, a design that you will want to photograph and share with your friends.

4. Spider lines and cracks in the glaze, no, this is not a marriage, this is how it should be, such an idea. In the production of cups, only manual work is used, there is not a single mechanical process where hands are not involved, with the exception of firing, everything else is done by hand.

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Also Dava Smoke prepares for the release of drop cups DAVA BRAND