Interview with New Hookah Battle legend – Sevan “Le Raven” (France)

– Hello Sevan! Tell us something about yourself. What do you live, what do you do?

– Hi, my name is Sevan, I live in Paris and I’m managing my own lounge called Le Raven.

– How long have you been doing hookahs? What is your experience?

I’m doing hookahs for 14 years long now, it’s been 7 years I’m in the industry.

– When did you first take part in the Hookah Battle?

My first time was in Hookah Battle Europe Cup 2016 in Frankfurt (Germany)

– What is Hookah Battle for you? What do you want to achieve?

Hookah battle is a good competition to create a hookah and make a good mix, I love this competition!
Before the Ligue, my achievement was to be on the top 5, trying to do as many Hookah Battle as I could, then the Ligue came and I wanted to be a Legend, and I’m happy to achieve it now.

– What plans do you have for the future? Are you going to continue to participate in the Hookah Battles?

I think I will continue, as a jury or as a participant, I think I will try to do both, my team is ready to keep creating and do new things.


– What would you recommend to beginner Hookah Battle athletes?

I would say to the beginners to be créative, originality is a big point for me and make good bowls also so do your best! Good luck to everyone and only victories!