«Briefly about strong tobacco» Part 3

In the final part we will start talking about the great and terrible – Satyr.
Ladies and Gentlemen! I think it’s not worth describing all the tastes, because there are a lot of them from this manufacturer. There is only one tobacco, but whether it is strong or easy depends on you.
I’ll tell you about one single taste, about the very Evil in Satyr. Why evil? Because this is it. The taste is called Queen Anne’s Revenge. Basic taste (aromaless). 100g costs 790r. Let’s agree to take a 10-point scale. This taste is 20 out of 10 by strength, yes, yes. It’s mega tight, no kidding. According to the Ambassadors, it is impossible to take 10 breaths in a row without blowing out the flask. I will say for myself, it is possible, but it lends itself to a very small number of people.
If you love torturing your lungs, this is definitely for you!

Top tastes from the consumer:

  • ЁLKI
  • Jagermeister
  • Ana-nas
  • Jah grapefrui
  • EnergyFiji

This product has a clear purpose, to knock you off your feet – which it does.
It is very easy to overdo it and not feel the line where you feel good and bad.
My advice is to be careful with it.

Табак Satyr 100 гр BURLEY COINTREAU купить в СПб по цене производителя

And so, the next product we have is Black Bern
Packages 20g – 250r, 100g – 750r and 200g – 1250r. They position themselves as a manufacturer from the USA, but how they really are not known. Presumably it is Russia or Ukraine. But let’s not talk about it, since this is just marketing.
Top from consumers:

  • Strawberry jam
  • something berry
  • sour black currant
  • raspberries
  • papaya
  • a pineapple

Excellent smoking, cool product packaging, huge gustatory palette
Privacy from the consumer (what kind of product, where, etc.)

Табак Black Burn 200 гр Ice Baby feat Guf (Ягодный Сорбет с Грейпфрутом) купить в СПб по цене производителя


Next consider – MattPear
These guys started with the production of hookahs and have been trying to make good strong tobacco for several years. Packages 50g – 385r and 250g – 1555r. There are about 45 flavors in the line.
Top tastes from consumers:

  • berries
  • passion fruit
  • kiwi
  • black berries
  • nuts

I’m sorry, no pluses
Of all the flavors I’ve tasted, more or less nutty flavors. Everything else smoked badly. TX accompanies every smoking, every taste. More or less heat is still bad. In general, the product is unfinished (not brought to any specific result)
The opinion is subjective, so in no case do you want to offend anyone. If you think otherwise, write in the comments below the post.

Алибаба – Табак для кальяна Matt Pear Lemon Waff (уп. 50г)

In conclusion of the last part about strong tobaccos, I would like to say that hookah fortress is a subjective concept. Therefore, out of the 9 considered manufacturers, try to find exactly for yourself what will warm your heart and lungs so much.

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Табак для кальяна MattPear |
Табак для кальяна . Большой выбор вкусов и непревзойденное качество табака.


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