Peter Ralf

Hookah tobacco Peter Ralf 

New from Burn.

The first product announcement took place at the end of May 2020, with the official launch in December 2020.

A little about the product:

1. A blend of 6 varieties of tobacco: 3 varieties of VIRGINIA and 3 varieties of BURLEY
The BURLEY blend gives strength and chocolate notes and also darkens the tobacco.
The VIRGINIA blend gives the ingredients ‘absorbency’, a sweet taste and balances the strength of the final product.

2. Natural flavors of the top 5 companies in the world.

3. Special glucose-fruit syrup, which gives heat resistance to tobacco. Moreover, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is neutral in taste, that is, it does not change the final properties of the flavorings.

4.German glycerin, which is used in all BURN products.

5. Medium fortress

What to eat: Peter Ralf’s range of flavors includes 38 items. In the first wave of sales, 20 flavors will appear in 50g packaging (packaging in other volumes is also planned for release this year):

1.Arctic Blue
2. Belgium Waffle
3. Bengal Peach
4. Black Prince
5. Christmas Tea
6. Clan Banana
7. Double Bubble
8. Dr. Pistachio
9. Granola Flat
10. Longgun
11. Mango Shake
12. Marble Pear
13. Maroon 6
14. Midnight Forest
15. Mr. Peach
16. Ninacurrant
17. Post Melon
18. Quince
19. Santa-Barbara
20. Tropical Exotic





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