Tea formulas for hookah

Let’s find out a little what it is:
It’s the same tea you drink and brew at home. Only he can also be smoked with pleasure.

Its main difference is that the mixture is not based on tobacco, but on tea leaf of different varieties – from the most common to the most premium. The taste and aroma of the hookah mixture depends on whether the tea leaf is black or green, clean or flavored.

Tea leaf, unlike tobacco leaf, itself has a pronounced taste and aroma, gives different tartness and aftertaste. Tea leaf shades tastes and aromas well, does not interrupt, but creates a basis and reveals it.

Having collected feedback on hookah craftsmen, you can highlight the top tea mixtures:

1. Chabacco http://chabacco.ru/

Chabacco — Кальянные смеси на основе чайного листа

This product has been produced in Russia since 2017. High-quality Chinese tea of various varieties is used for its production – white, green and black.

HAVES TWO lines of fortress Medium-61 taste and Strong-31 taste. The flak palette is very large and the manufacturer is constantly increasing it.

2. Do You https://doyouhookah.ru/

Купить табак для кальяна Do You - оптом от производителя

A product from St. Petersburg, which was first presented at the Hookah Club Show 2019. The manufacturer has tobacco and a todog-free hookah mixture on a tea leaf

Flavor line of toad products-26 flavors

3. Dali http://dalycode.com/

Купить табак для кальяна Dali из чайного листа » S2B

Dali chicken blend has been produced in St. Petersburg since 2018. It contains selected leaves of Ceylon tea, glycerin, melasses, flavors and liquid nicotine.

The flavor line is 40 flavors, varied and unusual.

4.PUER http://puer-hookah.com/

Купить табак для кальяна PUER (Пуэр) по низкой цене, продажа табака для кальяна PUER (Пуэр)

Puer chicken blend has been on the market since 2017 in St. Petersburg. It’s based on strong tea.

Taste line -22 flavors

5.Split https://vk.com/splithookah

Очередная бестабачка или годный продукт? Чайная смесь SPLIT//обзор вкусов//общее впечатление | by Евгений Мальцевич | Medium

The chicken blend has been in production in St. Petersburg since 2020.

The concept of the product begins with the movie Split, where the main character had a lot of personalities inside and alternately they came out. So does the product. 12 flavors, 12 moods, 12 personalities.

6.Cobra https://www.cobracrew.ru/team

Табак Banana Split марки Cobra Virgin - рейтинг вкусов и отзывы

This is a product brand presented by Intro Group LLC at the Hookah Club show 2018 in St. Petersburg. The manufacturer has tobacco and a todog-free hookah mixture on a tea leaf. Tobacco-free Cobra is made from Orange Pekoe green tea. The tea mixture is available in two lines:

1.Virgin is light,

2.Origins is a middle fortress.

Each line has its own unique set of flavors. Virgin consists of mixes, and Origins consists of monovkus.

Taste line:

Virgin-17 flavors

Origins-19 flavors

The reviews for tobacco-free mixtures are different. Hookahs who prefer strong tobacco are indifferent to them. Tobacco-free product comes in if you want to smoke deliciously, but you can’t stretch the strength of tobacco. Or you like to mix and experiment. Or I don’t like the taste of tobacco.

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