Hookahjoy gr





  • Assistent Hookah Battle
    Hat geholfen, Hookah Battle zu organisieren
  • Reisende
    Teilnahme an der Hookah Battle im Ausland
  • Party-Mann
    Party mit der Verwaltung von Hookah Battle jenseits der Schlacht
  • Genosse
    Hat anderen Teams geholfen

Our History:

Über uns:

Hookahjoy is a Hookah Company specialising in retail and wholesale Hookah sales. Founded in Thessaloniki in 2019 by Tittoperonetti and Giannis Karachristos, Hookahjoy has remained at the top of the hookah industry in Greece, offering the largest variety of quality products in the country and specialising in customer care and experience. Hookahjoy contains a physical store located in Thessaloniki, a website delivering wholesale and retail products all over Greece, and a large warehouse, where the companies’ main offices are located and all products are stored. We have a huge network of partners spreading throughout all the country, providing support to all types of hookah businesses. Our goal is to promote the Hookah scene in Greece and establish it as one of Europe’s most dominant, through constant innovation, cooperation and dedication to the world of Hookah.