New from the Nomad brand


The NOMAD brand in translation means “Nomad, wanderer, vagabond” and the second meaning of which is supported by the company in order not to stand still, to seek and implement new solutions NO MAD – short for NOt MADness – “not madness”.

Products that are represented by the brand:

1. Tongs for hookahs with original design

2 Hookah Quantum.
A little about the hookah:

– hookah with a flask that will never break, original compact tongs of our own production, a saucer of sufficient size for coals, a stylish mouthpiece and a modern hose;

– style and flexibility of designs, expressed in a variety of colors and the ability to apply almost any pattern by engraving;

– practicality and reliability, due to the execution of all basic elements of stainless steel

Also new from the Nomad brand is a set of tongs and a Samurai cap.

Only traditional Japanese hokku can emphasize the whole point:

Unmatched design
Like a samurai’s sword.