A new product in the world of hookahs from AlFakher

New product in the world of hookahs from AlFakher – balls, additives, flavor enhancer – Sparcs.

At the moment, the product is not officially presented in Russia (it will appear in the near future).

The main characteristic of Sparcs is that it is a flavor enhancer, but the ways in which they are used can be completely varied.

Driving methods with Sparcs.

There are two main ways to prepare a bowl of Sparcs.

1.Standard filling with compote:

1.Increase in aroma intensity.
2.The overall mixture becomes softer.
3.Smoke gain.

2. Add Sparcs with top layer.

You can add at any time.

In the case of the second method:

1.Smoking session is extended
2.We supplement or change the direction of taste in the direction we need right during the session.

On average, Sparcs lasts about 20 minutes. Quantity that can be used: in the case of the driving method

1.from 20 to 40pcs

2. From 5 to 10 pcs.

Sparcs have several flavors of 7 pieces:

1.Fierce Fruit

2.Basil Blast

3.Sub Zero

4.Minty Fresh

5.Sour Power

6.Smooth Cream

7.Cool Menthol

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