Set of rules

Many people want to take part in the Hookah Battle, but few people know how to behave at this event, so that everything goes well.

1. Hookah Battle Participant Rules:

1.1. Listen to the organizers, because you are given important instructions

1.2. Only resolve your issues through the leader of your Hookah Battle League

1.3. In no case do not be late for the battle (If force majeure happens, be sure to warn the organizers)

1.4. Arrive at the event venue an hour and a half before the start

1,5. Notify your league manager of your arrival

1.6. A registered team that didn’t come to the event without a good reason will be given a badge about no-show and penalties points will be awarded.

1.7. Do not insult the participants and judges during the performance

1.8. Try to exclude obscene words from your speech during the speech

1.9. Never use physical force on anyone at an event.

1.10. Features on the performances (move spectators, going beyond the time period of the performance, interaction with the judges, etc.) must be agreed in advance with the organizers


1.11. Forbidden:

1.11.1. Obscene action from the scene

1.11.2. Performing while intoxicated or intoxicated

1.11.3. Propaganda of terrorism, extremism, incitement to racial, ethnic and religious hatred

1.11.4. Calls for the use and distribution of narcotic and psychotropic substances

1.11.5. As a decoration, as well as for the preparation of hookah it is forbidden: to use products of animal origin, as well as parts of animals in any form.

1.11.6. It is forbidden to use animals in the program of Your performance.

1.11.7  Any hardware being used by Hookah Battle team participant must be authentic. Not allowed to use any kind of counterfeit hookah products that violate the patent and copyrights of manufacturers, in particular: counterfeit of Kaloud brand products – heat management devices.

– The Hookah Battle administration and representatives of manufacturers can randomly check the equipment of participants for fakes, as well as check photos and videos from past competitions and in case of counterfeiting, the following sanctions are applied to the team:

First violation: we notify the team about rules violation and attach a negative badge to the team profile on our website
Repeated violation – disqualification in all competitions for a period of 1 year

2. Hookah Battle Voting Rules:

2.1. When voting starts, campaigning is allowed on social networks – to take part in the vote and leave your vote for you.

2.2. All possible activities at your place of work are allowed (For example posted banners in Hookahs lounge, hookah shops)


2.3.1. The use of various “social exchanges” and other cheating for votes!

2.3.2. The Hookah Battle administration reserves the right to disqualify a team or add teams out of competition.

All those who use these services will be automatically disqualified!

3. Hookah Battle general chat rules:

3.1. By participating in any kind of communication, you are responsible for your behavior. Refrain from using vocabulary that may offend others or is contrary to generally accepted norms of behavior.

3.2. Hate speech and discrimination are unacceptable, like any profanity. Threats and insults are not permitted under any circumstances, regardless of the vocabulary used.

Violation of any of these rules will result in restrictive measures against you. More serious or repeated violations will lead to more serious measures.