“Briefly about strong tobacco” Part 1

In our modern hookah industry, more and more manufacturers are presenting tobaccos with a strength above average or even strong. But what to choose, where to go?
If you are also a fan of strong tobaccos, then let’s talk about it.
Today we will consider which of the strong tobaccos are worth taking and worthy of your attention.

The first thing we will look at is Azure tobacco, of course a strong line.
In this line they have 20 flavors, Burleigh + Virginia blend, packing 100g – 700r and 250g – 1550r (price in Russia).
Made in USA – California. It has a pleasant strength, above average and there is no extraneous crush on the throat.
Top flavors by consumers:

  • lady liberty
  • cosmos
  • berrymania
  • cactus blast
  • сarolina

Smooth smoking, no discomfort when smoking, reasonable price for strong tobacco
Not heat resistant tobacco, large palette, but few top flavors.

The next product that everyone probably knows is Tangiers.
Packages 100g – 1310r and 250g – 2430r (price in Russia). Manufacturer USA.
We can say that Tangiers is the best of strong tobaccos, because for about 10 years it has been pleasing consumers with tastes and stability.
For comfortable smoking, the most acceptable line is Noir (yellow). It is this line that can be used very well both for light blockages and for very strong smoking. This ruler is well regulated by heat.
Top flavors by consumers:

  • cane mint
  • maraschino cherry
  • papaya sorbet
  • orange soda
  • ololiuqui
  • tropical punch
  • mimon

Flexible strength, very convenient and competent cutting, a huge gustatory palette (more than 120 flavors), natural strength without a crush on the throat
Afraid of strong overheating, very high price tag

Американский табак для кальяна Tangiers (Танжирс) Tobacco. | Юрий Афонин | Яндекс Дзен

The next thing we’ll look at is Bonche.
Packages of 30g – 620r and 80g – 1200r. Manufacturer Russia – Moscow. A cigar blend is used.
This product has 2 lines:
The first standard mixed with interesting flavors
The second is called 5% and these are “unusual” mono flavors, which are mainly needed to emphasize certain notes in the mix, for example, the aftertaste, as well as add a little strength
Top tastes from consumers:

  • garnet
  • chocolate
  • whiskey
  • marzipan
  • lemon
  • strawberry

Good, stable strength, good variety of flavors
High price

Let’s summarize the first part of the article. In my opinion, Top is Bonche. The tobacco is smoked well and comfortably. One feels that the gustatory palette has been worked out, that the guys do not just make tastes, but try, bring to mind.
In general, if you are a sophisticated smoker, then I definitely recommend it for testing.

And to be honest, the strength of tobacco is not determined by the numbers on the pack or the statements of the manufacturers, each person feels the nicotine blow in his own way. Experiment with tobacco! Use only smoky hookahs and remember: what seems objectively good can be subjectively horrible.


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