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The French brand Tsar Hookah has presented their new model.Meet PROTON, the new hookah from the Tsar range. Designed with a original futuristic design, it offers a unique experience with its spectacular purge, seamless connector, click-closure system, and adjustable draw. Available in 6 colors

Two new flavors from FAKE will be released next weekLavender Martini – aroma of Italian dry white wine with a pleasant lavender aftertaste Candy Granny – combination of green ripe Granny Smith apple and delicate sweet caramel Not so long ago, the brand from Yekaterinburg RustPunk released a new flavor.Sakura (Cherry) – according to reviews, this flavor resembles maraschino cherry with slight notes of cocktail cherries.

A new hookah model from Maklaud – N’Ki. « A reference to the lord of the seas, the master of the salt waters, the lord of the abyss, Prometheus. Rain Man, knowledge, the all–seeing eye are just some of the names they call him and how they praise him now. » »The son of heaven, who descended to earth, created man, gave him the power of the gods and paid for it. » Stainless…

It looks like we are waiting for another new flavor from HooliganLova Lova — Feel how juicy notes of ripe mango merge with the delicate creamy base of the cheesecake, creating the perfect balance between sweetness and creaminess. Illicit, which stand out with hookahs and accessories in a « geometric » style, also have personal mouthpieces.

Five new flavors from Leteam:With melon gum — sweet gum with a pronounced melon flavor and a refreshing watermelon aftertaste.With strawberry mojito — a chilled cocktail based on lime, mint and ice with the addition of strawberries.With lemon gelato — the famous Italian ice cream with the addition of lemon juice and zest.With raspberry granola — sweet dessert flavor of granola sprinkled with fresh raspberries.With berry juice — a rich…

Three new flavors from Mr.Brew:Kriek —The aroma of cherry beer;IPA — Indian Ale;Combuchai – Kombucha (tea mushroom). From the ship to horeca SPECTRUM.In the new 200g packaging, will be available flavors of the Classic and Hard Lines, as well as 5 MixLine flavors:KiwifruitPeach Ice TeaAloe SplashPink BombTutti Frutti

The limited flavor from DARKSIDEBLACKOUT (Banana ice cream) – overwhelming sweetness of creamy ice cream with a ripe banana aftertaste. Core line.Previously, only those who became part of the BLACKOUT tour could try it. Now the flavor has been dropped in sales A new flavor from Sarma in the classic lineCountry pear – sweet fruit from a garden tree with a slight sourness and pleasant tartness.

The collaboration MISHA x More than hookah (« Больше чем кальян » – one of the most popular telegram channels in Russia about hookah industry)The model was created using a neural network. It was shown for the first time at the last JC Fest, finalized and now released. The point is in special barrels with letters. Spin, collect different words. A stainless steel cover plate, a tray with unique engravings, a key…

The Los Angeles-based brand ARKA has unveiled its heat controller, which has the ability to be customized and, according to the manufacturer, should perfectly fit any bowl. ARKA Savant – « modular heat stabilization device that is customizable to almost every hookah bowl on the market. The different adaptors and plates allow the Savant to become the most versatile HMD. The Savant comes with the medium bowl adaptor and a standard…

Exclusive flavors from BlackBurn for European market.Give Me Guva – « combination of refreshing fruits. The blend of kiwi, lime, and guava offers you a sweet-sour smoking pleasure, and the guava note gives the composition an exotic twist. » Apl Strudl – « As the name suggests it is a homage to the universally loved apple pastry. It features sweet-sour apple flavors with a sweet pastry component. »