Las Vegas

Обо мне:

I've been an enthusiast hookah smoker for about 30 years. I've gone from smoking Nakhla double apple and an occasional bowl of Zagloul out of a brass pipe to smoking some of the most interesting tobaccos from around the world out of the most modern pipes using hmd's and hand crafted bowls. My passion for everything hookah has led me to becoming an owner of Oasis Hookah Lounge in Las Vegas and I've partnered up with Pitersmoke Russia to create Pitersmoke USA. Taking part in hookah as a business has allowed me to become more than just a casual smoker, it's put me in the industry, to rub elbows with the people who work hard to bring the best to our hobbie. Being part of the industry as a lounge owner and online vendor has motivated me to spread the knowledge to those who haven't had the privilege to see what hookah really is. It's now become a responsible to serve every one of my lounge customers the best hookah experience possible with the best products available anywhere in the world. Hookah Battle has become a great way to showcase that ability. As a winner of the people's choice award at Hookah Expo Worldwide in 2019 I'm now addicted to the Battle.