OFFICIAL REPORT – Russia Shop Interior Award 2021

Hookah Battle Shop Interior Award 2021 (Russia) final took place on May 4

During the month the website was voting for the best waterpipe shop interior in Russia. The results were supposed to determine the top 10 venues which will go to the final of the Russian stage.

The top 10 shops are:

1 – Best Shop


2– Voskurimsya Hypermarket


3 – Voskurimsya  (Pokrovka 8)


4 – Good Vibes


5 – Voskurimsya (Savelovsky)




7 – Community Tobacco


8 – MegaDym


9 – SmokeLab


10 – Garry Hookah

The participants had to record a video message for the judges in which they talk briefly about their   hookah shop.

Shop Interior Award 2021 (Russia) judges were:

Oleg Knyaginin – The irreplaceable chairman of the Hookah Battle jury board

Anton Gaivoronsky – The founder of the JohnCalliano video blog and the Hookah Place chain.

Evgeny Matveev – The owner of, a federal retail chain with more than 50 specialised tobacco shops on its books.

Artem Sinyakov – CEO of Art Hookah Family. CEO of Tangiers Lounge. Distributor of Tangiers tobacco, Azure tobacco.

Sergey Vishnev – The founder of the hookah chain “ WORLD KALYANOV“ and the PAR lounge café in St. Petersburg.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this show!

Top 5 places as voted by the judges:

1st place – Best Shop (Kazan)

2nd place – OBLAKO (Moscow)

3rd place – Voskurimsya Hypermarket (Moscow)

4th place – SmokeLab (St. Petersburg) / Garry Hookah (Kirov)

5th place – Voskurimsya (Moscow, Pokrovka 8).

Evaluation sheets with the results.

You can watch the Hookah Battle Shop Interior Award 2021 (Russia) broadcast on our YouTube channel

Special thanks to the partners who supported the Hookah Battle Shop Interior Award 2021:

Hookah Place
Must Have Tobacco
Conceptic Design
Nakhla Tobacco Company
Russia Design Shop Award — Just another HookahBattle site
Just another HookahBattle site
Voting - HB-Stores'21 - results.xlsx
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