About me:

Established in 2017.

Flame House Lounge is an elite hookah lounge in Hallandale,FL. Our calm and relaxing environment was created just for you! A place to unwind after a long day, with your friends, colleagues and significant others.

"I was visiting my friends in Florida from Washington DC and they suggested we try this hookah lounge. What a find, great music and the service was top of the line. Great presentation of the food and many hookah choices to try. Highly recommend to check them out when in the area , I can imagine that during the weekends they are usually packed so weekdays probably would be best since the place is small or call ahead on the weekends! Must try!"

-Yelp User

When the idea arose in 2015 we jumped into it head on and 2 years later there we were, Open For Business!

We are now better than ever!