Uniting hookah lovers and professionals around the world
since 2011

Our Mission

Help hookah fans from different countries meet regularly, communicate with each other, carry out cultural exchange, - and also immerse themselves in the atmosphere of celebration, friendship and sports competition.

We have started in 2011 with a small competition event for the hookah masters. And for the recent 12 years we have build the international community of 30+ countries based on eco-system of different websites, events and online services.
First hookah battle
Hookah Battle in 3 countries
Hookah Battle in 6 countries
hookah battle in 15 countries
New online shows / Hookah Head Hunt project
New online awards / Hookah Hub Project / Where2Smoke
New online awards / Hookah Hub Project / Where2Smoke
Our Community
Hookah Battle - is the international community of people who work in the hookah industry. Our community is not big - but people who follow us make a wholesale decisions.
For the recent 12 years we have organized professional events in more than 15 countries
>3 000 000
>1 500 000
Type of audience
We involve hookah lounges / shops owners and their workers to participate in our contests. Famous hookah bloggers and hookah importers / distributors take part as a Jury members.
Type of audience Regular untarget adult audience Hookah lover Average home smoker The average visitor to a hookah lounge A regular employee of a hookah shop A regular employee of a hookah lounge Owner/manager of hookah shop Owner/manager of hookah lounge Distributor by country
Бали 1 5 5 5 No data 304 No data 520 20833
Tobacco consumption per year / kg 0.228 1.44 1.44 1.44 - 150*58.5% - 150 6000
Coal consumption per year / kg 1.59 7,96 7.96 7.96 - 480*58.5% - 480 12000
Local & International Events
You can become an official partner of some of our events
Senior League Championship
International events that bring together participants, commentators, and spectators from different countries
How we can help your business
We can offer various services to develop and help your business

Different kinds of surveys and market studies.

For example: take a look on our survey for the market share of tobacco consumption by retail and HoReCa segments

Recruiting employees or brand ambassadors through our job search service

- We can help you to attract employees or brand-ambassadors with our job search service
- We can help you to attract hookah masters for your both for some expo exhibition needs
- We can help attract you a marketing director

We can help you to create a concept / naming / visuals of your hookah product

For example:
Draft concept for Poland-made black leaf hookah tobacco

We can improve the SEO of your brand mention quotes through the hookah auditory of 12 language groups

You can see the example of our interviews here (usually we translate each article into different languages)

Interested in some marketing support of particular country? We have our own agent network and can address you to particular specialist.

Do you need a tobacco law consulting? Our partners can offer some great services to you.

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