Set of rules

Rules and regulation for Hookah Battle participants

Please be sure to look through the rules for participants in case you are going to take part in our battle. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them.

1. Hookah Battle code of behavior

1.1. Follow the instructions sent from the Hookah Battle promoters (Administrators) via WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, or VK chats. If you are not included in our chat, please let us know via email

1.2. Address any questions you have to Hookah Battle Major or Junior league coordinator.

1.3. Do not be late (in case of emergency let the Administration know), you have to turn up at least two hours before the competition starts

1.4. You have to turn up at the event’s area at least two hours before the start

1.5. Let the administration know about your arrival to the event area

1.6. In case the registered team does not appear at the event without a viable excuse, we will stamp an adverse online badge, informing about the team’s no-show and assess penalty points in our international team list.

1.7. Do not cause offense to other participants or the judges during the event.

1.8. Try to avoid dirty language while your performance

1.9. Physical assault is strongly prohibited during the event

1.10. In case you have any specific requests for your performance (e.g. move the audience to give space for a large hookah, go beyond the allotted time, an unusual engagement of the judges, etc.), you need to adjust them with the judges beforehand

1.11. It is strongly prohibited to:

1.11.1. Take obscene actions from the stage

1.11.2. Perform under the influence of drugs or alcohol

1.11.3. Propagate extremism or terrorism, incitement of ethnic, racial or religious and political hatred

1.11.4. Make a call for use of narcotics and psychotropics, forbidden in the country that hosts the event

1.11.5. Use the ingredients of animal origin or the animals’ body parts as a decoration or a part of your hookah

1.11.6. Use animals as a part of your performance

1.11.7 Any hardware being used by the Hookah Battle team participant must be authentic. Not allowed to use any kind of counterfeit hookah products that violate the patent and copyrights of manufacturers, in particular: counterfeit of Kaloud brand products – heat management devices.

1.11.8 Hookah Battle participants are not allowed to change the country in their brand/team profile in order to pass online qualifying voting (for admission to event participation), where the rules provide for a quota for countries (limited participants from each country). For violation – disqualification from this competition.

– The Hookah Battle administration and representatives of manufacturers can randomly check the equipment of participants for fakes, as well as check photos and videos from past competitions and in case of counterfeiting, the following sanctions are applied to the team:

First violation: we notify the team about rules violation and attach a negative badge to the team profile on our website
Repeated violation – disqualification in all competitions for a period of 1 year

2. Hookah Battle online eliminatory voting rules

2.1. Once the voting is on, you are allowed to encourage social network users to vote for you.


2.3.1. Use any votes coiling services. Those who opt for such services will be automatically disqualified!

2.3.2. Hookah Battle administration reserves the right to disqualify a team or pick new teams up non-competitively

3. Rules of conduct in online Hookah Battle chats (VK, Whatsapp, FB, Telegram):

3.1. You take responsibility for your behavior in any kind of communication. Withhold acceptance of any language that might be offensive or goes against generally accepted rules of behavior.

3.2. Hatred incitement or any kind of discrimination is unacceptable as well as any kind of dirty language. Threats and offenses are intolerable in anyways, regardless of the language you use.

4. Rules for the accrual and transfer of Hall Of Fame HookahBattle rating points

4.1 Points are awarded to a team (brand) for participation in HookahBattle events and activities
4.2 The rule of transferring points from one brand to another: one brand can transfer the points earned earlier to the account of another brand under the following conditions:
– The team captain has transferred from one brand to another (the one that qualifies for points transfer)
– The captains of both teams agree to the transfer
– The CEO of the company of the trademark owner of the brand from which the points will be taken away agree to the transfer

Breaking any of these rules will lead to restrictive measures put on you. More serious or repeated contravention will lead to stronger measures.