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HookahBattle Blog

Top photos from the winners of Hookah Battle in 2019

We decided to take stock of 2019, in which we had about 30 competitions. A little refreshing in our memory, we have competitions divided into 2 leagues:
Major League Hookah Battle (we will organize ourselves at large international hookah ...

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Hookah and infections: an interview with an infectious disease doctor

Viktor Brusnyak - administrator and co-owner of the oldest professional hookah forum in the Russian Federation hookah pro

Forum hookah pro (formerly goza) is the very first Russian-language resource on the Internet with discussions about hookahs. ...

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How to smoke a hookah in Australia: Interview with Wal Eade.

Hello Wal! Could you please tell us some words about you? How do you come to hookah sphere?

Greetings from Down Under. Growing up as a young man, of Egyptian heritage, hookah was prevalent among my community, but I never partook in it. It wasn’t ...

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Hookah Villains: The Winner of Hookah Battle USA Cup 2019

Could you tell us a few words about yourself, how you started to practice hookahs?

Each of us has a little different of a backstory but we can go over each one a little.

David Harris : I started going to a lounge after a friend wanted to ...

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Интервью с легендой Зала Славы Hookah Battle Екатериной Вишняковой

Сегодня мы возьмём интервью у Екатерины Вишняковой, капитана команды Feromon Group -  уникального проекта Санкт-Петербурга.
Открыв уже 13 лаунж-баров, команда не стоит на месте, планируя «захват» всего города. Все заведения абсолютно разные, ...

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Interview with the champion of Spain José Llinás

Today we will talk with Jose - the winner of the Latin Cup in Spain and the bronze medalist of the World Cup in Russia

HB: Hello, Jose, tell me a little about yourself. How do you live, what do you do?
José: Hi, I live and feel great, as I do what ...

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Entrevista com o campeão Sul-Americano

A Hookah Battle é a competição internacional de mestres do arguile. Desde 2011 nós fazemos batalhas em diferentes países para manter o nível de cultura e reconhecer o melhor mestre do arguile. Nós criamos o hall da fama, no qual nos trazemos todos ...

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Interview with the 1st legend of Hookah Battle

Egor Chigridov became the First Legend of the Hall of Fame Hookah Battle.
As you know, Hookah Battle is almost 8 years old, our competitions took place in various cities and countries and, during our activity, we had several hundred teams of hookah ...

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Yury Matovetskiy: The Winner of Hookah Battle Vice Cup 2019

In early March 2019, we held the first battle in Miami (USA, Florida) at the Miami Hookah Fair. 10 teams took part in the competition: some teams were local - from the State of Florida, some teams came from afar, among them: Toronto (Canada), San ...

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Daniil Volodarskiy – interview with the world champion

In March 2019, at the Hookah Club Show, we held the Hookah Battle World Cup, which was attended by teams that won prizes in Hookah Battle competitions in different parts of the world. In a difficult struggle, the Cup was given to Daniel Volodarsky ...

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Best Russian Setup

Не так давно у нас завершился глобальный конкурс, в результате которого мы определили Идеальную Сборку Кальяна по-русски.

Идея эта не нова. Первым её реализовало американское сообщество Hookah Entusiasts.
Вот так выглядело их соревнование

И ...

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Hookah Battle Best moments (2015-2016)

The Hookah Battle, or The Battle Of Shisha Masters - is unique and the only event in the world, where on behalf of leading hookah companies and restaurants from all over the world, best hookah guru are facing each other to fight for the right to be ...

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